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Lawyer in Greenville, NC

You probably understand why it’s in your best interests to consult with a lawyer if you’re facing criminal charges, but Frank Harper Attorney At Law can help Greenville, NC, citizens protect their legal rights in many other situations as well. Here at Frank Harper Attorney At Law, I’m here to offer legal guidance. I provide local representation in the courtrooms and other administrative jurisdictions, where decisions affecting the legal matter you’re facing are likely to be handed down.

I’ll answer all of your legal questions and explain any unfamiliar terms and legal concepts that could affect your legal issue in clear, concise language. My areas of practice focus on:

  •  Criminal law
  •  Drug crimes
  •  Traffic law
  •  Crimes of violence

Frank Harper Attorney At Law offers Greenville clients access to reasonably priced legal services and meeting times that are set up to be convenient for busy schedules. Undertaking a legal matter without the support of a lawyer may decrease your chance at closing your case in a positive manner. Contact my office to find out more about how I may help you.