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Greenville, NC


Traffic Law Practice in Greenville, NC

Traffic violations in Greenville, NC, may not seem serious, but they’re criminal offenses that may have serious repercussions. Frank Harper Attorney At Law may be able to work to protect your rights when you’re accused of a traffic violation. My traffic law practice may be able to help you minimize any legal consequences you may face.

I offer local representation in the municipal courts where it’s most likely that your case will be adjudicated. My fees are reasonable, and my business hours are designed to be convenient.

Don’t Get Taken For a Ride

Without adequate counsel and representation, a simple mistake on your part could mushroom into a legal matter with negative ramifications. Whether you’ve been charged with a relatively minor infraction, like failing to signal when changing lanes, or a serious violation, like reckless endangerment, I would like to help you. Contact the Greenville office of Frank Harper Attorney At Law today to learn more about my traffic law practice.